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Board Goals

South Butler County School District

Board Goals

# 1- Support teachers with appropriate resources needed to achieve maximum levels of student growth on the academic standards as reported through the School Performance Profile (SPP), Keystone exams, and the Pennsylvania System of School Assessments (PSSA).

# 2 - Support instructional activities that promote personalized learning opportunities and align to District initiatives that prepare students with higher level cognitive and application skills (ex. STEM, Project- and Problem-Based Learning, Graphic and Performance Arts).

# 3 - Support instructional activities and programs that support healthy physical and emotional wellbeing in students and staff.

# 4 - Establish a District budget that provides appropriate resources needed for an excellent educational system while also being fiscally responsible to the citizens of the South Butler County School District.

# 5 - Negotiate with integrity to achieve agreements with the teachers (SBCEA) and paraprofessionals (SBCESPA).

# 6 - Improve avenues of communication with parents and community members to increase awareness of the schedule of school events and activities, changes to school policies and procedures, students’ and teachers’ successes, and new District programs and initiatives.

# 7 - Plan and prepare to engage in a Strategic Planning process that will develop long-term plans associated with curriculum & programs, finances, facilities, technology, and community relations.