Cool Kite Project Teaches STEM & Culture Together

Mr. Purdy's 7th and 8th grade GTT Flight and Space students recently took part in a Kite Research Project.  The students are working in groups of two.  Each group was given the name of a different Japanese kite style. (example kite names).  The students were required to research the name to figure out what the kite looks like, the traditional graphics and the history of the kite.  They then used the large format printer to print out the graphics for the kites.  The students had to supply a bill of materials for the kite structure and use those materials to build the kite.  Once the kites were finished, the students presented the kites, giving a power point presentation about the kite style and history.  After the presentation, they took the kites out and tried to fly them.  
pic of kids with their kites
Pic of kid working on his kite pic of kids working on kites