Congrats, KMS Calcusolve Competitors

Mrs. Bocci took a number of KMS students to Duquesne University to compete in Calcusolve, a math-based competition sponsored by II-VI.  They did 2 group problems and 7 individual.  The top three teams' scores won.  Our team was not one of them, but they did well and had fun.  Grades 5 and 6 compete the first day, and then the next day grades 7 and 8.
Well done, KMS!
pic of 6th grade Calcusolve competitors  Pic of 8th grade Calcusolve team
6th Grade Team:  Sarah Edder, Josie Graper, Abby      8th Grade Team: Caden Toy, Lara Ezjak, Lindsey Zill,        Markiewicz, Abby Cebollero, Carter Worsley, and          Olivia Klabnik, Paige Wilson, Sarah Mitchell, Lily Hawks,
Camden Christie                                                              Willow Danehy, and Grace Crowley                          
Pic of 7th Grade Calcusolve team
                         7th Grade Team:   Alex Kleist, Lindsay mack, Morgan Clark, and Sydney Snyder