Well Done, 4th Grade!

Several of Mrs. Chybrzynski's 5th graders recently participated in the Toshiba Exploravision competition.
They created EduTechTrash. It is a smart machine designed for educational institutions and other food systems. It would educate consumers about food content and waste, provide nutrient correct feed to farmers, improve foodservice product management, and reduce environmental waste.   
Congratulations to Janae Perine, Melanie Mitchell, Carter Manzer, and Kade Sundie, on a job well done!
Since 1992, more than 450,000 students from across the United States and Canada have participated in Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision. It is a K-12 contest for students to solve real-world problems using STEM concepts, particularly science and technology. The students brainstormed ideas, chose a project, and researched the concept. They had to research past, current, and future technology of materials and present them in a slideshow format. 
All of these SBIES students received certificates and cups for participating.