Congratulations, KMS November Super Heroes!

Congratulations to the November Super Students for being outstanding role models in the areas of responsibility, self-discipline, perseverance, respect, good judgement, and honesty!  Here's what the students had to say in regard to why they were nominated by their teachers. 

Picture of Marissa Brink in super hero outfitMarissa Brink - perseverance - On days I was tired, I still worked hard in class.  If the homework is difficult, I always try my best on it.

Pic of Maura Davies in super hero outfitMaura Davies - respect - Whenever someone is talking, I don’t talk over them, and I listen to other people’s ideas.

Pic of Sophia Greene in super hero outfitSophia Greene - good judgement - I always do my homework, I behave, and I volunteer during class.

Pic of Wyatt Fraser in super hero outfitWyatt Fraser - self-discipline - I work hard, learn from my mistakes, and try my best.
Pic of R J Zolinas in super hero outfitRJ Zolinas - responsibility - I complete my homework and tasks on time, and I am always prepared for class.
Pic of Noah Protzman in super hero outfitNoah Protzman - honesty - I am honest if my homework isn’t done.  Before class starts, I always tell the teacher if I forgot some of my things for class.