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Comprehensive Plan

2018-2021 SBCSD Comprehensive Plan - Draft
The PA Dept. of Education requires that the proposed Comprehensive Plan be provided for 30 days of public review. The SBCSD invites the public to offer any input they feel should be taken into consideration.
2015 - 2017 Comprehensive Plan
The South Butler County School District has updated its Comprehensive Plan (formerly called Strategic Plan) in order to meet the Pennsylvania’s Department of Education requirements.  School administrators, teachers, parents, students, community leaders, and support staff engaged in a variety of opportunities to provide feedback that was used to develop a plan for continued growth. Through our committee work, the following areas are identified as overarching goals for the next three school years:

Goal 1:  Establish a district system that fully ensures consistent implementation of standards aligned curricula across all schools for all students.
Goal 2:  Establish a district system that fully ensures high quality curricular assets are aligned with state standards and fully accessible to teachers and students.
Goal 3:  Establish a district system that fully ensures the consistent implementation of effective instructional practices across all classroom in each school.
Goal 4:  Establish a district system that fully ensures professional development is focused, comprehensive, and implemented with fidelity.
Goal 5:  Establish a district system that fully ensures specially designed instruction is provided to meet the unique learning needs of children with disabilities at no cost to a parent.
Goal 6:  Establish a district system that fully ensures each member of the district community promotes, enhances, and sustains a shared vision of positive school climate and ensures family and community support of student participation in the learning process.

A copy of the South Butler County School District Comprehensive Plan can be obtained by clicking here
It is also on public display at each district school building and at the Saxonburg Public Library. 

For additional information about the process required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, please visit:  http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/estrategic_planning/8949


For additional questions or information about the District's Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Assistant Superintendent's office at 724-352-1700 x5610