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South Butler County School District 2018 – 2021 Comprehensive Plan

Budget and Fiscal Affairs


Budget and Fiscal Affairs Strategies

The Budget and Fiscal Affairs Subcommittee discussed challenging budgetary concerns and explored the possibility of alternative revenue.

The South Butler County School District is focused upon utilizing financial resources that make a difference at the desks of our students.  The budget is built upon the learning needs of our students, while maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayer of the South Butler County School District. 

Future fiscal stability requires that the South Butler County School District maintains long term budget strategies that assist in minimizing expenditures while continuing to search for alternative sources of revenue.  Although the goals that will be proposed by each of the Subcommittees are designed to address the unique learning needs of the student, it is important that the district acknowledges funding limitations and the need to be responsible stewards of the taxpayer dollars. 

With this perspective in mind, the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Subcommittee developed the following goals and action steps for consideration within the new Comprehensive Plan:

  1. Develop a five-year budget model that supports future planning practices throughout the organization.
    1. Conduct a thorough evaluation of current challenges and develop a list of District priorities
    2. Develop a five-year budget model with a variety of assumptions for planning purposes (for example: tax increase, no tax increase, spending for capital improvements, etc.)
    3. Analyze staffing needs and budget for personnel and negotiations
  2. Investigate and develop strategies for engaging parents and students who are currently enrolled in cyber programs or who have chosen homeschooling to return or newly enroll in the South Butler County School District.
    1. Utilize the list of out-of-district cyber placements to make contact with parents for comparison purposes between the traditional program and the SBCSD cyber program.
    2. Formulate an exit-poll type survey to determine the reason(s) for leaving the District.
    3. Construct promotional materials that highlight the great things that are occurring within the SBCSD to share with cyber families to encourage (re)entry into the District.
  3. Generate alternative sources of revenue.
    1. Establish specific meeting opportunities with an organized agenda for meeting with the organizations within the District that have made contributions in lieu of taxes for property.
    2. Evaluate strategies to build more collaboration between the South Butler County School District and the Knoch Knights Legacies Foundation.
    3. Appraise opportunities for considering naming rights for facilities throughout the District.