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South Butler County School District 2018 – 2021 Comprehensive Plan

Operational Services


The Operational Services Subcommittee focused on district technology and strategies to improve technologies to support student achievement.

The operational services of the school district link our physical resources to improved learning in each classroom.  South Butler County School District school buildings and athletic facilities are well-kept and are designed to keep the focus of the educational program on teaching and learning in classrooms.  Quality resources are available to students within safe classrooms that are bright, clean, and designed with the learning needs of each student throughout the District. 

The Operational Services Subcommittee focused primarily upon maintaining and improving District technology with a reliable network designed to support ongoing enhancements with teaching and learning.  Technology is designed to connect students to resources beyond the walls of the classroom and academic development.  District technology needs continue to change and the focus is to build scalable technologies that grow with the evolving needs of South Butler County School District students.

  1. Develop and implement a planned cycle of capital improvements to classrooms, performing arts, and athletic facilities.
    1. Complete a feasibility study to incorporate all District facilities and property with concurrent public engagement through the process.
    2. Prioritize the results of the feasibility study in cooperation with the community
    3. Implement planned cycle of capital improvements to SBCSD facilities.
  2. Provide safe learning and work environment by reducing criminal incidents and accidental injuries
    1. Complete a threat assessment study to incorporate all physical and technological infrastructure.
    2. Provide sufficient staffing and technology to conduct patrols and regular facility safety inspections.
    3. Increase classroom presentations on safety and criminal conduct, thus improving staff / student awareness on safety issues, improving relations between police and staff / students (willingness to talk about the things they see), and improving student knowledge of what constitutes criminal offenses.
  3. Provide relevant technological infrastructure and resources of the District to support educational goals of the SBCSD
    1. Evaluate District computing and networking resources utilized by students and staff and provide upgrades and redundancy where necessary and appropriate
    2. Provide a planned cycle of technology improvements to ensure District staff and students are utilizing relevant technology for instruction and learning.
    3. Work with District administration and staff to develop and implement technology improvements to ensure that District staff and students are utilizing relevant technology to support curriculum and instruction.