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South Butler County School District 2018 – 2021 Comprehensive Plan

Special Education

The Special Education Subcommittee concentrated on the district’s Transition Program to prepare students to enter into post-secondary education or training options, competitive employment, and independent living following graduation.

The South Butler County School District is committed to educating students with disabilities within the least restrictive environment and with their same age peers to the maximum extent possible.  It is our strong belief that special education support services can first be provided within the general education setting.  It is also our strong belief that special education students need opportunities and experiences to prepare them for post-secondary education, training and living.

A wide range of supports and services has been established for special education students in grades K-12.  These supports include pre-referral interventions, curricular or instructional modifications, co-teaching experiences, classroom paraprofessional support, and instructional strategies.  It is important to continually enhance and expand these academic and social supports so that special education students are included as much as possible in the general education setting.

With this perspective in mind, the Special Education Subcommittee developed the following goals and action steps for the new Comprehensive Plan.

  1. Identify professional development for all staff regarding understanding and meeting the needs of students with disabilities.
    1. Conduct training with all staff on the identification and needs of students with autism, learning, intellectual and other health impairments.
    2. Design specific training for all staff on effective instructional strategies to support students in the general education classroom.
    3. Design professional development for aides, teachers and administration on how to utilize special education aides within the general education setting.
  2. Build on and develop transition and post-secondary options for students within the school and local community.
    1. Conduct pre-vocational experiences that lead to possible career or job interests.
    2. Develop connections with the local business community to provide vocational training, visits, shadowing and employment opportunities.
    3. Survey graduating students with disabilities, one and five years after graduation, to determine vocational or career pathway.
  3. Develop inclusive academic and social opportunities for students with disabilities.
    1. Create a Best Buddies program that initiates, develops, and implements a service learning project.
    2. Develop a Unified Sports inclusive Bocce Ball team at Knoch High School.
    3. Select students with vocational interests in education to assist/support elementary students with special needs during the school day.