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South Butler County School District 2018 – 2021 Comprehensive Plan

Student Services

The Student Services Subcommittee addressed the importance of supporting academic, social, and emotional challenges of our students.

It is essential that South Butler County School District students feel comfortable within each school.  The District provides meaningful learning opportunities that support academic and social growth in a positive and enriching learning environment.  Struggles with peers and pressures that young students and adolescents confront can impact a student’s ability to learn. School counselors, Student Assistance Program (SAP) team members, and staff members throughout the District will have ongoing training to recognize warning signs of at-risk behaviors.  The District has clearly articulated plans that support students and parents to overcome challenges that impact learning.

Overcoming obstacles that impede students from a successful school experience requires that staff members and parents are working together to address the unique learning needs of each student
throughout the South Butler County School District.  Communication between the school and the home is a priority to support student concerns and to ensure a focus on the growth of each student.

The Student Services subcommittee has established the following goals and action steps for the Comprehensive Plan:

  1.    Establish a K-12 SAP Program
    1.    Formulate a plan for implementation with county SAP coordinator
    2.    Design teacher and staff training timeline including initial training for team members at the elementary level and continued training for those at the secondary level
    3.    Create an organizational chart for referrals
  2.      Develop a Comprehensive Student Services Web Page
    1.    Assess technology needs through IT consultation
    2.    Compose a list/map of services
    3.    Integrate a plan to educate the community
  3.       Establish Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and Intervention services K-12
    1.       Organize and conclude teacher training and provide ongoing professional development
    2.       Propose and establish coordinator assignments for each building
    3.       Integrate a universal screener to identify students