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When an injury of consequence occurs that might require medical attention, players should notify the Coach and/or the Athletic Trainer.  The Athletic Trainers are available in the training room daily from 1:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.  After 3:15, our training staff is on-call until all practices are completed.  In addition, our trainers are in attendance at all home varsity competitions and junior high competitions, schedule permitting.

Any time a student is seen by a doctor or has been recommended to be seen by a doctor as a result of a possible injury, a medical release MUST be provided by the doctor to the Coach and/or the Athletic Trainer before the student may resume participation.

Our Trainers

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Ms. Sarah Musher MS, ATC, LAT

(724) 766-0528


Mr. John Geist ATC, LAT

(724) 316-1384


Athletic Trainers' Email:







Our Team Physician

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Dr. Corey Pacek, MD










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