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Hall of Fame Nomination Procedure

Nomination Procedure

(1) Nominees may be considered for induction by presentation from Committee Members, or by at-large nomination by the public. To be considered for the Knoch High School Sports Hall of Fame, an individual must have made a significant contribution to Knoch sports through athletic excellence and/or exemplary leadership contribution in sports activity. Applicants must be at least 30 years of age for consideration. The attached nomination form can be completed and submitted to the Athletic Office at Knoch High School.

(2) Induction applications become the property of the Hall of Fame Committee.

(3) Successful Inductees will be notified by mail and phone by the Athletic Director.

(4) The Athletic Director will guide and provide direction to the voting committee but will not vote on inductees.

(5) Plaques of inductees will be displayed in the Knoch High School Athletic Wing.

(6) Hall of Fame committee member changes will be voted on by remaining members. Nominees may be presented by Committee Members or by individual application to the Athletic Director.


The current Hall of Fame Committee is made up of nine members – seven voting members and two advisory members.  The voting members include Chairman and retired teacher Bill Purvis, retired coaches and teachers Jean Heard and Jerry Sefton, former Assistant Principal Regis Schiebel, teacher and coach Diane Geist, and 1973 Knoch graduates Dave Bacon and Scott Briggs.  The non-voting advisory members are retired athletic director Dave Bracco and current AD Mike King