"Newsies" Gets Mancini Nominations

The Henry Mancini Award nominations have been announced for this year's season of high school musicals.  Knoch received the following nominations for Newsies:
Best Musical - Budget Level III

Best Actor - Jack Walker (Jack Kelly)

Best Pit Orchestra 

Best Ensemble

Best Execution of Direction

Best Choreography Execution

Best Costume Design - Budget Level III

Best Lighting Design -  Budget Level III

If Jack Walker wins the Best Actor award, he will get to attend the Jimmy Awards in New York City in June.  Last year, Best Actress winner Abby McAuley was able to participate in the Jimmy Awards.
Knoch will be performing at The Mancini's on Sunday, May 22nd at 7 p.m. Tickets will be available to the public later this week.  
Congratulations also to SBIES teacher, Mr. Brent Rodgers, who received 10 nominations for directing Matlida at Riverside Beaver High School.  His amazing cast will be performing at the show as well.  Fans can root for both of us - our Best Show nominations are in different categories!