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Special Services

The Special Services program encompasses the areas of Special Education, Guidance, and Nursing.


Special Education Programs

The South Butler County School District operates quality programs and services that meet state requirements for students with disabilities and those who are gifted.  Itinerant and supplemental special education and related services are available within the district to meet the needs of students with special needs.  Itinerant special education services include vision, hearing, speech, emotional support, occupational and physical therapy.  Approximately 96% of all district exceptional children receive services to address their specific needs within the local school buildings.  Students with disabilities are expected and encouraged to participate with non-disabled students to the maximum extent possible in extra-curricular, nonacademic and academic activities.  This belief is also extended to students who attend approved private schools, special education centers, licensed private schools and consortium district programs.

South Butler County School District special services are provided in accordance with the Special Education Plan.

A small number of students are not able to have their special educational needs met in the local school district setting.  When this is determined collaboratively between parents and school personnel during the Individual Education Plan Process, placements are sought in state approved private, licensed private, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV, or collaborative school based programs.  The goal in these situations, however, is to provide the services needed so that the student can return to be educated in their home district as soon as appropriate.

For more information on the special services at the South Butler County School District, contact the Director of Special Services Greg Hajek at (724) 352-1700 ext. 5640 or via e-mail at [email protected].