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Hello, Everyone.                                                                        April 2019

The South Butler County School District, its students and staff, have had many successes to salute already this school year, and now there is yet another.  I hope you will join me in celebrating the outstanding careers of this year’s retirees.  This  month's Community Email is dedicated to acknowledging the hard work of the retiring teachers and support staff members who have dedicated a large portion of their lives to the students and families of the South Butler County School District.  The combined years of service of these outstanding individuals exceeds 200 years.  Please take a moment and read the brief bio of each of the retirees and join me in wishing each of them well in their future endeavors.  Congratulations and thank you to the "Retiree" Class of 2019!


A Salute to Our Retirees

Jeannette Adams  

Mrs. Jeannette Adams began her work at South Butler in August 1975 as an Elementary Art Teacher.  In 2002 she was assigned to the Intermediate Elementary School and later in 2016 moved to the High School/Middle School.  She has been actively involved in the musicals and plays as both Art Director and Technical Director.  She has also served as the Fine Arts Department Chairperson since the 2012-2013 School year.  Mrs. Adams served the South Butler County School District for 44 years.

Barbara Bono 

Mrs. Barb Bono began her career at South Butler as a Teacher's Aide at Penn Elementary in January of 1990.  She transferred to the role of Special Education Aide in 2004 and has worked in the South Butler Primary School ever since.  Mrs. Bono served the South Butler County School District for 29 years.


Richard Cavett  

Mr. Cavett began his career as a Math Teacher in Wellsville, Ohio, where he coached several sports.  Next he served as Assistant Principal and Transportation Director at Moniteau Jr./Sr. High School.  Rick was hired as Assistant Middle School Principal for Knoch Middle School in 2003.  During his 16-year tenure at South Butler, he served as interim Knoch High School Principal in 2005-2006, South Butler Intermediate Elementary Principal from 2012-2015, and finally Assistant Superintendent from 2015 to the present.

Diane Geist  

Mrs. Geist began her career at South Butler as a substitute teacher and volleyball coach, before being hired full-time in 1994 as an Art Teacher at Knoch Junior/Senior High School.  After many years of teaching at Knoch High School, she was once again assigned to both high school and middle school art classes in 2016.  Diane has also been actively involved in the middle and high school volleyball programs since 1986.  Mrs. Geist served the South Butler County School District for 25 years.

Lori Lang  

Mrs. Lang began her work in the District in 1987 substituting in positions of Teacher's Aide, Secretary, and Library Aide.  In January 1990, she was hired to the position of Secretary - Accounts Payable where she has remained.  Lori has served the South Butler County School District for 29 years.

Kelley Rupert  

Mrs. Rupert graduated from Penn State in 1981 with a degree in Advertising before continuing her education to become a teacher.  She was hired at South Butler in 1989 as a 2nd grade teacher at Clinton Elementary.  In 1996-97 her assignment changed to 6th grade at Winfield Elementary, and then in 1997 she moved to Knoch Middle School to teach 6th grade Reading.  Mrs. Rupert has also served as Cheering Advisor for 8th grade, Junior Varsity and Varsity.  Kelley retired in January after 30 years in the District.

Kathleen Voltz  

Mrs. Voltz began her career at South Butler as a substitute teacher before being hired as a Math Teacher in 1997.  Kathy has served as Mathematics Department Chairperson since the 2003-04 school year, as well as Advisor of the Academic Challenge Team since 2004-05.  She lead her Academic Challenge team to 3rd place in the 10th Annual Armstrong Academic Challenge Competition, the farthest any Knoch team has ever advanced.  Mrs. Voltz has served the District for 22 years.

Anne Wargo  

Mrs. Wargo began her 16-year career at Knoch Middle School in 2003 as a Business Education Teacher and transferred to Knoch High School in the 2004-05 school year.  She has served as the Business Education Department Chairperson since the 2012-13 school year and was the High School FBLA Advisor in 2015-16.  On her application for teaching, Anne was asked to write an essay on The Most Important Qualities of an Outstanding Educator.  She wrote that caring is one of the most important qualities.  "A caring teacher encompasses the qualities of flexibility, humor, understanding and motivation."  

Debbie Wiley  

Mrs. Wiley left waitressing at the Hotel Saxonburg to begin her career here at South Butler.  She was hired in February 1997 as a Teacher's Aide before taking a Secretary position in 1998.  Debbie assisted in opening South Butler Primary School, making the transition smoother for staff coming from 5 other buildings.  In 2014, Debbie transferred to Secretary of South Butler Intermediate and Middle Schools.  She retired in December after 21 years in the District.


What went on in March?

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Knoch High School Robotics competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition @ Cal U, March 22-23

student doing high jump.

Knoch's spring athletes braved the cold to get their season underway


David Foley, Ed.D.