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Welcome to the South Butler County School District.  The daily work of the District is focused upon our Educational Vision…One student at a time.  The hard working staff in each of our four schools are attentive to the unique learning needs of each student at each desk.  Supporting students in the areas of Academics, Arts and Athletics provides the foundation for successful student futures.  For our vision to be realized, collaboration between the school and home are essential.

School districts are complicated organizations that require ongoing communication and transparent school leadership that builds a strong working relationship between the home and school.  The District is committed to this partnership in order to assist with student needs. As the administrative team and staff are attending to student learning throughout the South Butler County School District, the daily work focuses upon ensuring the alignment of the six primary components of our organization:

  • Academics- The primary mission of every school district is to educate students. Academic Achievement will always be the driving force of the work of the South Butler County School District. Ongoing evaluation of curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development occurs regularly throughout the District.
  • Budget- The goal of meeting the unique learning needs of the students comes with fiscal responsibility to each taxpayer of the South Butler County School District.
  • Operations- Students and staff must be able to focus upon curriculum, instruction and assessments. Our facilities are clean, well-maintained and are conducive to learning.
  • Special Education- The special needs of students throughout the school year require that the culture of the buildings and District are focused upon the unique learning needs of the students.
  • Staff Services- The District is committed to providing the resources and training necessary to support students and staff to move the entire organization forward.
  • Student Services- Supporting students and families requires that the District is providing services to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of the students that are addressed each day in each school is important for the positive culture of the building.

The South Butler County School District is a great place to learn with unique program offerings and adults committed to each student at each desk.  I would encourage you to explore our website and ask questions about programming and for opportunities where you can get involved in our efforts for continuous improvement.  If you should have questions, please feel free to contact me at or phone my office at (724)352-1700 ext. 5605.


David Foley, Ed. D.