January 2020

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year,

Hopefully you and your family had a wonderful holiday break and are ready for the New Year. Although a new school year does not coincide with the new calendar year, resolutions for continued improvement are evident throughout the South Butler County School District.  Staff members are constantly working to advance student learning and instructional strategies in each classroom.  Along with refining instruction, staff members continue building upon the positive momentum that exists within our schools. 

A positive learning environment does not necessarily mean that the school day will be easy and that we simply give students high marks.  A strong and supportive learning environment occurs in a classroom where students and adults are being challenged to put forth their best effort.  I am sure that as adults we can remember a time when we did our best work after preparing for a task and felt pride in a job well-done.  As parents and school staff members, we want each student to learn this sense of accomplishment and to have this feeling of pride.  Success is a habit building behavior and this success will assist in building and sustaining the positive learning environment throughout the South Butler County School District.

As a student and now throughout my adult life, I have tried to approach each day from the perspective that something good is about to happen.  I hope that students and staff members entering the South Butler County School District each day believe that something great is going to happen and it is a direct result of hard work and effort.  One of my goals is to constantly focus on improving the school culture of the South Butler County School District.  The reason is simple-- students and adults work best when they spend time in a positive environment.  Please join the school district with the something good is about to happen approach and the optimistic view of the world that our students need to have for a happy and successful future.  Happy New Year.


David Foley, Ed.D.


South Butler County School District

Diane Ciafre

Please join the entire school district in wishing Mrs. Diane Ciafre the best in her retirement.  Mrs. Ciafre began her time in the South Butler County School District in 2001.  Prior to joining the South Butler County School District, Diane was employed in the Butler Area School District.  Diane has been a terrific Guidance Secretary at Knoch High School since coming to the District, and her knowledge and kindness will be missed throughout the counseling office.  Thank you for your service and congratulations Mrs. Ciafre.