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Transportation Overview

The South Butler County School District encompasses approximately 100 square miles and transports approximately 3,300 students daily. Daily South Butler students are transported to our four public schools and over 30 non-public and special schools.  Noon kindergarten transportation is also provided for our students.

W.L. Roenigk, Inc. of Sarver (724) 353-1515 is the school district's main contractor, with two garages within the school district.  The main garage is at 798 Ekastown Road in Sarver (228 garage) and the other is at 810 North Pike Road in Cabot (356 garage).  Periodically, Roenigk posts information of interest to the community on their Facebook page:


Bus Safety

The school district contracts approximately 70 school buses and vans on a daily basis traveling approximately 7,000 miles a day, equaling 1.2 million miles a year.  Over 2,800 bus stops are made each day by our drivers, equaling about 500,000 stops per year.  And with all that activity, according to the National Safety Council, the national school bus accident rate is 0.02 per 100 million miles traveled, the lowest for ANY form of transportation.

Safety of all students and the driver is the chief concern in the daily transportation of students who ride District provided transportation. Through effective operation of all students and parents/guardians, the safe delivery of all students to their destination can be successfully achieved.

Parents should discuss safety issues with children and encourage them to be safety minded at their bus stop and during the bus ride.  Parents and students should keep the following bus safety issues in mind:

• arrive at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the bus pickup time;

• always walk to the bus stop, even when late – never run;

• always avoid the danger zones of the bus by staying at least 10 feet from the bus at all times;

• leave items that may drop around or under the bus alone;

• be alert to motorists when getting on and off the bus, especially if crossing a roadway;

• always keep hands and head inside the window at all times;

• never throw objects out the window of a bus;

• stay in the assigned seat at all times;

• never create distracting behavior and loud noises;

• and allow the driver to perform his/her job without disruption unless an emergency arises.

By following these simple safety suggestions, the bus ride to and from school can be a pleasant and safe experience for all.

For more information on the transportation program at the South Butler County School District, contact the Transportation office at (724) 352-1700, ext. 5600 or email