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Bus Regulations

Following bus rules and regulations is the responsibility of each student and their parents/guardians. Transportation to and from school is a privilege and not a right. Transportation privileges may be suspended or revoked during the school year for not adhering to the rules established for safe and effi cient transportation of students in the South Butler County School District.

General rules to be followed, in addition to those in student handbooks, include:

• the bus driver is the responsible individual on the bus; he/she has authority to establish rules and regulations for his/her bus;

• all seats are assigned by the bus driver; students are to remain in their assigned seats for the safety of themselves and others riding the school bus;

• students are not permitted to put their arms or heads outside the window or throw objects from the school bus;

• eating, drinking, and use of tobacco will not be tolerated on school buses;

• and foul language and/or other distracting conduct will not be permitted on school buses.